Nowy obraz (4)The Project „About biodiveristy for the future – how to teach that a roe deer is not a wife of a red deer” aims to increase public awareness of biological diversity and to educate society in this field in conjunction with climate change and the economic value of ecosystems. It’s been observed that both youth and adults have gaps in basic knowledge about biodiversity. That proves insufficient or improper presentation of this subject in teaching program. The project will be carried out nationwide as a series of workshops for teachers from primary and secondary schools and for members of the Polish Hunting Assocaition. There will be also two multimedia DVDs and two textbooks with content commentary, sample scenarios of outdoor and traditional classes and worksheets for students. One set is dedicated to students in grades 4-6 from primary school and another for youth from lower and upper secondary schools. Educational materials will be made available free of charge to workshop participants and members of Non Governmental Organizations involved in environmental education.
We believe that the combination knowledge and experience of professional educators, supplemented by knowledge and teaching materials obtained during the workshops   will enable them to lead interesting and valuable lessons, both in school and during outdoor classes or field trips.

In each of the 16 provinces will be carried out 2 one-day workshops (one for primary and secondary school teachers). Information about the vacancy for a workshop in each province will be gradually published on the website of the Project. The workshop will be conducted from January to December 2015.